Domain Registration

Domain Registration A domain name identifies your website on the Internet and makes it easy to be reached by visitors. Once owned, that name can not be purchased by anyone else unless you let is expire. The possibilities for domain names are endless and it's a good idea to own variations (i.e. .com, .ca, .net, etc. as well as common misspellings).

Each web hosting account requires one unique domain name to identify it. This allows you to have email addresses with your domain name (e.g. which looks much more professional and is easier to remember than a generic name (e.g. Your website will also use your domain name so that visitors can easily find you.

Domain Pricing

Kirsir offers domain registration for the most popular top-level domains at competitive prices for one or more years. Please see the table below for current prices (in Canadian funds):

Min. Years Price

Already Own a Domain Name?

If you already own a domain name, you can order a hosting plan and use your name for your website and emails. Simply select the option during checkout to indicate that you already own a name and enter it for your new hosting account. To point your domain to your hosting account with us, you will need to update the Nameservers configuration wherever you purchased the domain.

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Unique Domain Names
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